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Come see us in Brunswick for our Spring Hello!!
Come see us in Brunswick for our Spring Hello!!

Skillins Loyalty Program

loyal program imageWhen you sign up for our Loyalty Program, your purchases will be tallied under your name, or your family’s account, in our database. By signing up, you will receive a credit for $5.00 on your loyalty account. Then your purchase dollars will accumulate points. Each dollar is a point and 250 points will give you another $5.00 in credit.

Your points and dollars DO NOT expire and can be carried from season to season.

There are certain purchases, such as fresh cut flowers and arrangements, which are DOUBLE points. Our best quality bird food is also worth double points.

This is all we need to set you up:
*First and Last Name
*Mailing Address
*Phone Number
*Month and Day of Birth of Primary Shopper (you know who you are;)!

No information is sold or exchanged.

If you haven’t had a chance to join the loyalty program at one of our stores, just email us to sign up!