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Tips & Advice From Our Garden To Yours

  • Advantages Of Prepping Your Garden This Fall
    September 1, 2023 Shopify API

    Advantages Of Prepping Your Garden This Fall

    It feels like just the other day I was relaxing in the sun with my shades on while breathing in the smell of fresh flowers as the wind blew by. Now it’s officially fall and there’s no looking back. With...

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  • Algae Control for Pond
    August 1, 2023 Shopify API

    Algae Control for Pond

    It’s not surprising during this time of year that concerns of algae growth in one’s pond are starting to come up more and more. After a long winter and a spring that seemed to go by as fast as a...

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  • Ways to Make Your Garden Eco-Friendly
    July 1, 2023 Shopify API

    Ways to Make Your Garden Eco-Friendly

    A garden may seem to be immediately eco-friendly by providing homegrown produce without plastic packaging, toxic emissions from long-distance shipping, or chemical preservatives to enhance appearance. But not every garden is equally eco-friendly depending on how you design, plant, and...

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